About John Darrin

In addition to my career writing novels, short stories, and non-fiction, I am a consultant on radiological emergency safety, preparedness, and response, hosting a radiation safety web site (www.radsafeinfo.com) as well as working with businesses and agencies focused on Homeland Security.

I have worked in the nuclear industry for 36 years, initially as a radiation health and safety professional, and most recently as a consultant for companies focused on nuclear and radiological disasters, and homeland security. I worked on such unique projects as the first-ever decommissioning of a radiological research laboratory, the decommissioning of several nuclear reactors, the recovery after the Three Mile Island accident, and even on the treatment of nuclear weapons waste in China.

This work has taken me all over the world, from China to Finland, from Central America to Canada, providing a wealth of experience and information that is reflected in my work, and in my writing.

I went to a high-school military academy and then to Colgate University, where I studied history and literature and taught a seminar on The Modern American Novel. Finding employment opportunities as a historian limited, I trained as a radiation safety technician and studied further at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Virginia.

I’ve been fortunate to live in interesting times and places, and I’ve taken advantage of the opportunities and stumbled into the pitfalls. There was the entire ‘60’s phenomena, the anti-war movement, arrests, running businesses that manufactured electronics in Finland, invented radically new radioactive waste treatment processes, and created one of USA Today’s Top 10 Cyber Cafés. And also bankruptcy, motorcycle racing, taking the 5th under oath, dying in the emergency room, Mad Cow Disease, etc.

As I used to tell my wife, at least it hasn’t been boring.



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